Q & A

Got questions about Samsabeds?

How do I get my dog onto the bed?
For those dogs that don’t begin using SamsaBeds on their own, place a favorite blanket or toy on the bed and let them get accustomed to its presence.

How do I clean the dog bed?
Cleaning is simple - hose the bed off and let it air dry.
For caked on dirt, use a soft brush and a mild detergent.

Will it show hair?
This depends on the fabric color you choose and the color of your dog.
Shed hair can easily be removed with a vacuum during normal housekeeping.

Can I put it outside?
SamsaBeds can be left outside but the fabric will not last as long when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The sling may need to be replaced after 3 -5 years (much like lawn chairs).

Do I need to add a pillow, towel or blanket?
No, most dogs prefer their bed without a blanket or towel.

Will it sag over time?
SamsaBeds do give slightly but keep their tightness for a very long time.

Do I have to put it together?
To make shipping easier, we do not attach the legs - they are easily installed after delivery.

Can I get replacement slings?
Yes, the PVC on the dog bed is assembled with pressure fits, so the sling is easy to replace.
Prices for the slings are listed on the order page.

How do I know what size bed to get for my dog?
Use this guide to pick the right size SamsaBed for your pet.
Small - 16” x 21” Chihuahua, Corgi, Pug, Min Pin - 5 to 20 pounds
Medium - 22” x 29” Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Shetland - 20 to 40 pounds
Large - 28” x 36” Lab, Golden, Shepherd, Grey Hound - 40 to 90 pounds
Extra Large - 36” x 44” Weimaraner, Irish Setter, Doberman - 90 to 130 pounds